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Who is the true GOAT of MMA?

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook no matter what social media platform I looked at the last few days it was all filled with MMA fighters talking GOATS! 2020 has apparently gotten to all of us. I believe it started with the notorious one Conor McGregor who made a top 5 of all time MMA list.

I can't hate on him picking Anderson Silva because if you actually watched this man in his prime...... He was a Demi God. Didn't matter what division he was fighting in or who he faced he usually put on a show. I remember the first time I saw him fight Chris Leben. At the time Leben was known for being a guy that was tough as hell and didn't go down. 8 punches later and Leben has been eating crayons for the rest of his life. From then on I knew Silva was the man. Plus he front kicked Vitor Belfort in the face...

Now Conor then put himself at #2. That remains to be seen. Conor has for sure made his mark in the fight game. He's done some great things and will be known as one of the best when its all said and done. BUT Silva in his prime couldn't lose. He went 7 years and 16 fights without a loss. Im not gonna shit on McGregor too much here but your not tied at 1 man lol Anyway his list goes on.

It's hard for me to put GSP that high on the list... I KNOW PEOPLE! The guy held the belt for 2,204 days and defended the title 9 consecutive times. That being said.. To me he was a shitty version of Chael Sonnen. He was a better fighter of course but I never cared to watch him hump dudes in every fight. Conor nailed the description just not the pick. GSP picked his fights and laid and prayed while also vacating the title on numerous occasions. He's not in my top 3. I always found myself pumped for the UFC fights only to realize he's the last on the card and my last moments will be waiting for him to get his quota of snuggle time in....

Let me start by saying that Jon Jones is a steaming pile of trash as a person. But the man can for sure fight. The guy dominated a division and never lost while at the same time being on a bender of epic proportions.

Id put him ahead of GSP because he's never lost but at the same time. He also picked his fights and purposefully cut weight to fight people he would have a height, reach and size advantage on. Sidenote to all the Jones fan boys out there. If he fights Francis Ngannou he will GET SMOKED! He'd be outa that fight faster then when he's fleeing a crime scene.

At the end of the day there's no wrong answer for who the true GOAT is. I think it's Silva but there's always a case for someone. When I look at the GOAT it's not just about their record. I look for who was dominant for a certain period of time. Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Fedor Emelianenko, Matt Hughes. I could go on forever but to end this thread Ill give you my top 5 of all time!

  1. Anderson Silva

  2. Daniel Cormier

  3. Conor McGregor

  4. Jon Jones

  5. GSP

I know y'all are gonna hate on my Cormier pick but he beat everyone that wasn't named Jon Jones and never got popped for PED's. 22-2 Record. Beat arguably the best Heavyweight Champ in UFC history in Stripe Miocic. Theres still time for the list to change but as of right now those are my picks and I'm sticking with them!

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