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Tito Ortiz vs Mike Tyson.. What is happening?!

Let me start by saying I'm not posting blog's daily... But there I was... Sitting on my couch eating some knock off brand chips. Thinking about how I wish they would bring back Doritos 3d chips. Remember how good those were? If you didn't like them you're a fool.

Anyway Tito Ortiz shows up on TMZ talking his usual idiotic babble. I continued to face chips getting angrier by the second till he peaked my interest. He claims that he has been offered a fight with Mike Tyson.......

Picture instead of water it's chips and this is an accurate depiction of what I looked like hearing the news. Tito went on for 2 minutes about how he has boxed his whole life. How he respects Mike Tyson but if they fight he could hold his own. Tito.... TITOOOOOO!! WITH SUCH A LARGE HEAD HOW CAN YOU HAVE SUCH A SMALL BRAIN?! Mike Tyson is 53 but have you not seen the videos he's been posting?!

Tyson was always scary but look at this video man! Tito Ortiz better wake up or he's gonna get slept lol Now Tito is and always will be a legend of MMA as much as it pains me to say. He was a character before the Chael Sonnen's and the Conor McGregor's of the world building his brand and growing the sport. But Tito you were never as dominant as Tyson. People didn't go into fights fearing you. Not to mention Tito's entire fighting style is predicated on taking his opponents down. He out wrestles his opponents and ground and pounds them. How you gonna do that in a boxing match??? How you gonna out box one of the greatest most feared boxers to ever do it?!?! I have so many questions but really I just need this to happen. Tito built his brand on fighting legends when they were past their prime. It would be such poetic justice to watch you get smashed by a 53 year old man! Side note Tito remember the last time you fought a guy you called old???

So if this fight does happen it will be a boxing match. Tito Ortiz 45 years old vs Mike Tyson 53 years young. I can't imagine a way Tito would win this fight. He isn't a boxer and he would most likely get exposed and TKO'ed in the first few rounds. please sweet baby Jesus let this fight happen. Let Tito get what he deserves!

There is my daily rant. Who do you think would win in a boxing match between Tito Ortiz and Mike Tyson??

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