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This week in MMA

So let me start this by talking about the people that deserve praise first. UFC 250 happened last Saturday and it ended up being a great night of fights. Amanda Nunes may have made her way onto my list of top 5 MMA goats. My friend Bach made a compelling argument and while I watched her dominate another top contender for 5 rounds I realized I might be watching greatness. She is the only person to defend both UFC titles simultaneously and when you check the resume there's a lot there. I'm not sure what's next for her to be honest. She cleaned out 2 entire divisions were gonna have to wait and see. All I can say is when she's fighting I'll be watching.

A person I was really excited to see fight on this card was Cody "No Love" Garbrandt. He started his career in the UFC very young and shot his way to the top. Dude was a champ at 25 years old beating top contenders most notably all time bantamweight legend Dominick Cruz. He then fought a grudge match with Tj Dillashaw and lost via KO which seemed to send him in a downward spiral. He went on a 3 fight losing streak and seemed to be checked out by the end of it. News came out that Tj Dillashaw failed some drug tests and I think that revitalized Cody. He took a 15 month layoff and switched training camps so I was hoping to see the Cody Garbrandt of old in this fight. He came out and from the start I saw the best, fastest, most technical version of him I have ever seen! LOOK AT THIS FINNISH!

This epic KO for sure puts him right back in the mix for a title shot and no matter what I'm excited to see what happens next for no love!

Another guy I was excited to see on this card was Sean O'Malley. The guy was 11-0 and every fight I had seen from him was fun to watch. He has a look and an "IT" factor you can't explain but you just know when you see it that you want more.

He came into this fight going against Eddie Wineland a super tough guy with an epic mustache. Look at that BEAUTIFUL MUSTACHE!!!

Anyway.... Sean O'Malley walked him down and absolutely destroyed the man. He is now 12-0 and the sky is the limit for this guy. We are for sure watching a rising star before our very eyes.

There were other fights on this card I could go over but after the event as I scrolled through my twitter feed I saw a tweet from McGregor.

It seem's as if he's announcing his retirement?? He then doubled down on it the next day posting a picture of a cake the says "happy retirement daddy". I can't know for sure what this guy is going to do. less then a month ago he was tweeting that he's in a list of top 5 MMA goats and is still active with a lot more to accomplish. I'd guess this isn't the end of the notorious one but if it is thanks for growing the sport and leaving your mystic mark! I bet he boxes Mayweather again to be honest lol

Other top contenders who have apparently called it quits with the UFC are Jon Jones and Jorge Masvidal. Let's start with Jones.

So Dana and Jones have been going at it over the last few weeks and I have to say I'm on Dana Whites side here. Jones you would be nothing if the UFC didn't keep taking MULTIPLE chances on you. You are an all time fighter but people lost respect for you after you failed them time after time and your PPV numbers went down. Why give you that money when theres other fights Dana could make that would draw more numbers? In the end it's a business and you're doing bad business which brings me to Jorge Masvidal.

This guy has my attention more than Jones does. He has been fighting forever and he deserves his moment in the sun here. It seems to me that Masvidal knows how close he was to his moment and doesn't want someone to take it away. He was coming off of 2 decision losses to Damien Mia and Steven Thompson. He was put into the Darren Till fight in Tills hometown to get smashed and most likely would have been cut after that. He goes in and KO's Till leaving the arena and Dana shocked.

He then fought undefeated fighter Ben Askren and Ko'ed him in literally seconds..

After that his stock was at an all time high and Nate Diaz called him out so they fought for the "Bad Motherfucker Title" I'm not joking this actually happened lol Masvidal pieced him up on the feet and won pretty easily.

So after all that I can't blame him for wanting to get his. He has seen other undeserving guys get their shot multiple times so I get why he is fighting for himself. In the end I feel Masvidal should get more money because right now he is a massive draw. No matter who you put him in with PPV buys are gonna happen so stop being so stingy Dana! Pay the man!

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