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NFL Week 8 Picks!

Last week I went 11-3 on picks and 7-7 on Over/Under's.

My 2 lock of the weeks we're correct Bills > Jets & Chargers > Jaguars.

My upset pick of the week was also correct! Cardinals > Seahawks!

On the year

NFL Picks = 37-20 = 64.9%

O/U's = 28-24 = 53.8%

Upset Picks of the week = 2-2 = 50%

Lock Of The Week = 8-1 = 88.8%

Minnesota Vikings (+220) vs Green Bay Packers (-280) O/U 48.5

Before this season I told the world the Vikings had no defense and sucked. Even I didn’t see them at 1-5. They have explosive weapons for sure but even after coming off a bye and being well rested its hard to pick them over the Packers. Rodgers against those corners equals a big time Packers win. I see the Vikings putting up some garbage time points too so take the over.

Pick - Green Bay Packers (-280)

O/U 48.5 = Take The Over


Tennessee Titans (-355) vs Cincinnati Bengals (+285) O/U 50.5

Both these teams choked last week. The Titans went down big early to the Steelers. Came all the way back only to miss an easy game tying field goal. The bengals did everything but win. They hurt obj, they created turnovers and they scored 34 points but as I said last week. Until they find a way to close the deal I’m not picking them anymore. The Bengals will put up points because Burrow is amazing. First qb in nfl history to have 400 pass yards 3 pass tds and a rush td in a game. But the Bengals will lose. #DerrickHenry. #taketheover.

Pick - Tennessee Titans (-355)

O/U 50.5 = Take The Over

New York Jets (+1250) vs Kansas City Chiefs (-3000) O/U 49

The Jets absolutely suck. The Chiefs don’t. Anyone going Jets here? Is it a lock they go 0-16?? Take the Chiefs and the over please lol

Pick - Kansas City Chiefs (-3000)

O/U 49 = Take The Over


Indianapolis Colts (-180) vs Detroit Lions (+150) O/U 49.5

The Colts are coming off a bye and should be fresh going into this one. The lions are coming off a big win. They are 3-3. They need this win to keep pace but I’m not sure they will. I like the lions secondary to force rivers into some bad decisions but overall I think the Colts are the stronger team so I’m gonna go with them. I also take the under as I see both defenses in a bend but don't break approach.

Pick - Indianapolis Colts (-180)

O/U 49.5 = Take The Under

Pittsburgh Steelers (+165) vs Baltimore Ravens (-195) O/U 44.5

This is the game of the week. Both these teams are strong on both sides of the ball. Physical football. Finesse football. Anything you want. Who’s got the better defense? Who’s got the better offense? Of course these two are evenly matched. I feel The Ravens show up in a big way in this game. They need this win more then the Steelers do. I’ll take the Ravens at home. I'll also take the over.

Pick - Baltimore Ravens (-195)

O/U 44.5 = Take The Over

LA Rams (-180) vs Miami Dolphins (+150) O/U 46

The Rams took care of the Bears fairly easily Monday night. The offense is there. The defense never seems to break. I really like what they got going on. The Dolphins are no joke either. They have beat strong teams but in a way I feel they screwed themselves. Starting Tua against the Rams d line is very dumb. Idk why they would bench Fitzmagic. I take the Rams all day here because of that. Take the over too.

Pick - LA Rams (-180)

O/U 46 = Take The Over

New England Patriots (+190) vs Buffalo Bills (-230) O/U 41

This ones tough. Neither of these teams have looked great the last 3 weeks. The Patriots got curb stomped by the 49ers. They lost in every phase. Cams trying to play hero ball. When I watch the Patriots I see a lot of individuals playing hard but not for each other. They are not a team that’s united and it shows. The Bills while they have looked bad are still a solid team. It’s weird to say out loud but I see the Bills beating the Patriots easy. I also take the under due to how windy its supposed to be.

Pick - Buffalo Bills (-230)

O/U 41 = Take The Under

LV Raiders (+100) vs Cleveland Browns (-120) O/U 47.5

I look at the Raiders and the Browns and ask are they good? They will slap up a bad team and upset a good team once and a while but can they be consistent? The Browns lost obj for the season but Baker spread the ball around and looked solid without him. The Browns are at home coming off a big win. They are favored but let me explain the cycle of the Cleveland browns. Get criticized by the media. Get an underdog mentality. Beat a shitty opponent. Call out doubters. Play like SHIT! We have arrived at play like shit so UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK! RAIDERS OVER BROWNS! Pound the over!

Pick - LV Raiders (+100)

O/U 47.5 = Take The Over


LA Chargers (-175) vs Denver Broncos (+145) O/U 44.5

Both young teams with lots of potential moving forward but when I look at the Chargers I see a young Qb getting better every week. With the Broncos not so much. I also like the Chargers defense so I’m going with them. I also take the over.

Pick - LA Chargers (-175)

O/U 44.5 = Take The Over

New Orleans Saints (-235) vs Chicago Bears (+195) O/U 41.5

Until big dick Nick proves to me he can start against a team that doesn’t have Tom Brady and win I’m going with the other team. I think the Bears have a great defense but the Saints offense is pretty good too. Take the Saints and the over.

Pick - New Orleans Saints (-235)

O/U 41.5 = Take The Over

San Francisco 49ers (+105) vs Seattle Seahawks (-125) O/U 54.5

The 49ers are feeling themselves the last few weeks. They are running on people. They are playing top 10 defense across the board. Unfortunately they are now playing a team that lost in overtime and is very upset about it. The Seahawks are gonna go off this week. It’s gonna be close to start but not so much late. I’m going Seattle. Take the under. 55 is a lot of points.

Pick - Seattle Seahawks (-125)

O/U 54.5 = Take The Under

Dallas Cowboys (+400) vs Philadelphia Eagles (-525) O/U 43

Both these teams are bad but the Cowboys defense may be the worst I’ve ever seen in my life. Daks hurt. Daltons Hurt. The Cowboys are bad. That alone I’m going Eagles. Take the over when ever the Cowboys defense is involved.

Pick - Philadelphia Eagles (-525)

O/U 43 = Take The Over

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-650) vs NY Giants (+475). O/U 45

Sad to end on a game like this. Tom Brady will go off. lol the Giants are bad and will be dominated. Take the over.

Pick - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-650)

O/U 45 = Take The Over

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