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NFL Week 11 Picks!

Last week was rough. Started off hot and ended off cold. NFL Picks 7-7 and O/U's 7-5.

Went 2-0 Lock Of The Week and 1-2 in Upset Of The Week.

On the year I am.

NFL Picks = 63-35 = 65%

O/U's = 46-43 = 51%

Lock Of The Week = 15-2 = 88%

Upset Of The Week = 5-4 = 55%

Arizona Cardinals (+140) vs Seattle Seahawks (-160) O/U 57

If you follow @bigmouthsmallwordspodcast on instagram you'll see I posted before this game take Seattle and take the under. Seattle won 28-21 so we are officially off to a great start!

Pick - Seattle Seahawks (-160)

O/U 57 = Take The Under

Pittsburgh Steelers (-550) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (+425) O/U 46

This game shouldn't be close. The Steelers will stay undefeated here. (LOCK OF THE WEEK) I think the Jaguars will try to put up a fight early but by the end the Steelers will start pouring it on. Take the Steelers and the over.

Pick - Pittsburgh Steelers (-550)

O/U 46 = Take The Over


Detroit Lions vs Carolina Panthers O/U 46.5

Both these team have serious injury concerns. The Lions have already ruled out Kenny Golladay and Danny Amendola. Matt Stafford has a torn ligament in his throwing hand but will play. Meanwhile Carolinas QB Teddy Bridgewater is a game time decision himself and they will also be without star RB Christian Mcaffrey. I'm going to reluctantly take the Lions and because of the injuries take the under.

Pick - Detroit Lions

O/U 46.5 = Take The Under

New England Patriots (-140) vs Houston Texans (+120) O/U 48.5

This game will be close. The only way the Patriots can win is by running the football effectively and playing mistake free football. The Texans should be able to score on this defense but they never seem to do enough to win. I'll take the Patriots and the under because of that.

Pick - New England Patriots (-140)

O/U 48.5 = Take The Under

Tennesse Titans (+210) vs Baltimore Ravens (-260) O/U 50

Both these teams are coming off losses and both these teams desperately need this win. I'm going to take the Ravens because their defense is far better than Tennessee's. I'm also taking the over because of how desperate both these teams will play to win.

Pick - Baltimore Ravens (-260)

O/U 50 = Take The Over

Philadelphia Eagles (+125) vs Cleveland Browns (-145) O/U 46

This is a classic game where the Eagles come out of nowhere and get a big win. But watching them against the Giants last week I can't do this to myself. I'll take the Browns here. They should be able to run the ball and control the clock. Ill take the Browns and the under.

Pick - Cleveland Browns (-145)

O/U 46 = Take The Under

Atlanta Falcons (+155) vs New Orleans Saints (-185) O/U 49.5

I'm very tempted to take the Falcons here... They are playing great football lately and the Saints lost Drew Brees to 11 broken ribs. I'm thinking at home the Saints should be able to do just enough to get this win. Damn I'm torn on this one. I'll pick the Saints and the Under.

Pick - New Orleans Saints (-185)

O/U 49.5 = Take The Under

Cincinnati Bengals (-105) vs Washington (-115) O/U 47

I got the Bengals earlier in the week at (+110). I feel people are starting to pay attention which is why the line has moved to nearly even. I love the Bengals in this game. I don't think Alex Smith has a chance to keep up with Burrow and the Bengals offense. Take the Bengals and pound the over.

Pick - Cincinnati Bengals (-105)

O/U 47 = Take The Over


New York Jets (+365) vs LA Chargers (-460) O/U 46.5

Bet everything on the Chargers and pound the over.

Pick - LA Chargers (-460)

O/U 46.5 = Take The Over


Miami Dolphins (-220) vs Denver Broncos (+180) O/U 46

As I said on the podcast I'm done doubting the Dolphins. The Dolphins should be able to shut down the Broncos running game and make them one dimensional. That will mean bad things for the Broncos.

Pick - Miami Dolphins (-220)

O/U 46 = Take The Under

Dallas Cowboys (+270) vs Minnesota Vikings (-330) O/U 48

Andy Dalton is back. He will find a way to lose. I think he will put up a few points on the terrible Vikings secondary before he does though so take the Vikings and the over.

Pick - Minnesota Vikings (-330)

O/U 48 = Take The Over

Green Bay Packers (-105) vs Indianapolis Colts (-115) O/U 51.5

The Colts are coming off a huge road division win. The Packers to me seem like a front runner. They will beat the bad teams and put up big stats but when they play a team that matters they fold. I feel the Colts defense has their way with Rodgers. Take The Colts and the under.

Pick - Indianapolis Colts (-115)

O/U 51.5 = Take The Under

Kansas City Chiefs (-380) vs LV Raiders (+300) O/U 56.5

Last time these two teams met the Raiders shocked the world. If I remember that so do the Chiefs. Mahomes makes a statement in this one.

Pick - Kansas City Chiefs (-380)

O/U 56.5 = Take The Over

LA Rams (+170) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-205) O/U 48

I love the Rams in this spot. The Bucs feel like the Packers to me. Front runners. When its good it's great. When it's bad it's horrible. The Rams defense should be able to stop the run and make Brady throw. He will fall in love with the deep ball and it will cost him.

Pick LA Rams (+170)

O/U 48 = Take The Over

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