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NFL Week 10 Picks

Last week I went 11-3 in NFL Picks and 5-7 in Over/Under's.

I got all 4 Lock Of The Week Picks correct! Chiefs, Texans, Steelers & Patriots.

I got my Upset Pick Of The Week correct too! Saints > Buccaneers!

On the year I am

NFL Picks = 56-28 = 66.6%

O/U's = 39-38 = 50.6%

Upset Pick Of The Week = 4-2 = 66.6%

Lock Of The Week = 13-2 = 86%

Indianapolis Colts (-115) vs Tennessee Titans (-105) O/U 48.5

The Colts didn’t do shit offensively against the Ravens last week but the Titans defense isn't that good. The Titans don't rush the passer at all which which should give Rivers time to make some throws. Everyone is very high on the Titans still and they are at home... BUT... The Titans offense only works if they get Henry going. Too bad the Colts defense is good against the run. The Colts will go into Tennessee and take over first place in the division! Take the Colts and take the over cause this is a division battle.

NFL Pick - Indianapolis Colts (-115)

O/U 48.5 = Take The Over

Philadelphia Eagles (-185) vs NY Giants (+155) O/U 44.5

Only thing I can guarantee here is it’s gonna be close. The Eagles love to play down to their opponents and the Giants only play well against the NFC East. I’m going to take the Eagles here. This game is somehow an important division game. The Eagles are finally getting healthy and with Reagor and Sanders back so I see them getting the win. Take the over cause these two teams can score.

Pick - Philadelphia Eagles (-185)

O/U 44.5 = Take The Over

Jacksonville Jaguars (+650) vs Green Bay Packers (-1000) O/U 50

The Jaguars played the Texans tough last week. James Robinson can’t be stopped and Jake Lutton made some plays but going into Green Bay they have no chance. I’ll take the Packers in my LOCK OF THE WEEK! I'll also take the over. Both these teams will be trying to score till the end.

Pick - Green Bay Packers (-1000)

O/U 50 = Take The Over

Washington vs Detroit Lions

So first off good for Alex Smith for coming back and playing QB again. He looked decent at times last week but did throw 3 ints in the loss. I don’t think the Lions are great but they are good enough to capitalize on Smiths shaky play and get the win. I’ll take the Lions.

Pick - Detroit Lions

Houston Texans (+150) vs Cleveland Browns (-180) O/U 49

Normally I’d love the Texans in this spot. I like what their offense has done the last few weeks but the Browns are coming off a bye. The Texans can’t stop their running game and that will be the difference. Browns take this one at home. Take the over cause it's that kind of week.

Pick - Cleveland Browns (-180)

O/U 49 = Take The Over

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-250) vs Carolina Panthers (+210) 50.5

The Panthers keep losing and just when they thought they got CMC back he’s out again. They did play the Chiefs tough and are at home here but after watching the Bucs get smashed by the Saints we all know what’s gonna happen here. Brady will come out on fire and the Bucs win this in a route. If they don’t it would be cause for some serious concern in Tampa. Take the Over.

Pick - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-250)

O/U 50.5 = Take The Over

LA Chargers (+115) vs Miami Dolphins (-135) O/U 48.5

Let me say this. The Dolphins might be the most overrated team in the league. The defense is scoring every week multiple times which is making it look like Tua is making plays then he is. Tua doesn’t look comfortable. I’m not scared of the Dolphins. The Chargers have been so close in so many games. This week they go on the road and fillet the fish! UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK! Take the under.

Pick - LA Chargers (+115)

O/U 48.5 = Take The Under


Denver Broncos (+180) vs LA Raiders (-220) O/U 50

I said it last week and it was correct so I’ll say it again. I don’t trust Drew Lock. I do trust Dereck Carr. Raiders take it. Take the over babyyyyy!

Pick - LA Raiders (-220)

O/U 50 = Take The Over

Buffalo Bills (+110) vs Arizona Cardinals (-130) O/U 56.5

This ones tough. The Cardinals can put up 30 points in their sleep. The Bills have shown they can score but also have not been as consistent as Id like them to be. I’m going to take the Bills here in a high scoring game but I’m not overly confident about it. Take the over.

Pick - Buffalo Bills (+110)

O/U 56.5 = Take The Over

San Francisco 49ers (+335) vs New Orleans Saints (-420) O/U 49

I want to say this so Ted can hear me from wherever he is. The Saints have shown themselves to be the best team in the NFC. Meanwhile the 49ers are fielding a team of backups. This game will not be pretty or close. Saints win 2nd LOCK OF THE WEEK! Take the under.

Pick - New Orleans Saints (-420)

O/U 49 = Take The Under


Seattle Seahawks (-105) vs LA Rams (-115) O/U 55

This game should be an easy win for the Rams. They are coming off a bye. They are rested. The Seahawks got beat up and the defense looks terrible. But I’m going to go against the grain here. No matter how much the Rams put up Wilson’s gonna put up more. Seahawks take it on the road. Take the under cause 55 is a lot of points.

Pick - Seattle Seahawks (-105)

O/U 55 = Take The Under

Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers had a rough game against the Cowboys last week. Big Ben has 2 bad knees and is on the covid list. So best case for him is no practice and he plays Sunday. So either Ben plays or Mason Rudolph comes in. The Bengals are coming off a bye and their most impressive win of the season against the titans. The old Bengals would go into Pittsburgh regardless of what Qb and get smashed by that defense. BUT NOT THESE BENGALS! Burrow takes his next step and beats the Steelers! 2nd UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK!

Pick - Cincinnati Bengals


Baltimore Ravens (-330) vs New England Patriots (+260) O/U 43.5

The Patriots found a way to win against the Jets last week. But I was looking for a dominant win to convince me they could beat the Ravens this week. Didn’t happen so I’m going Ravens. Out of respect for the Pats I won’t take it as a lock of the week but I’d advise people to do so. Take the over too. The Ravens can put up 40 themselves.

Pick - Baltimore Ravens (-330)

O/U 43.5 = Take The Over

Minnesota Vikings (-155) vs Chicago Bears (+130) O/U 43

The Vikings have won 2 in a row. Dalvin Cook has been unstoppable. The Bears haven’t looked good. this ones an easy pick for the Vikings. OR SO YOU ALL THOUGHT! The Bears at home stuff Dalvin Cook and force Cousins into bad decisions. The Bears take this win. 3rd UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK! Take the under.

Pick - Chicago Bears (+130)

O/U 43 = Take The Under

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