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I was so bored today I watched NFL players golf.. Not gonna lie it was awesome..

So I heard about it for weeks. A golf matchup between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. To spice things up they added Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I didn't think there was a chance I would be one of the people tuning in. Thing is I've watched the show The Office an uncomfortable amount of times and needed something to do so I gave it a chance. Peyton started the trash talk with some jabs on Brady getting Gronk to leave the Patriots and go to Tampa Bay. He finished off the insults with an uppercut memory of his brother Eli Manning and Nick Foles beating Brady in the Super Bowl. If only Manning could play as good as he talked... what could have been...

Manning and Tiger jumped to an early lead and Brady had some troubles early on. Many people were smashing him on social media which made it even more fun to watch. I was watching a sport for maybe the first time in my life where I didn't care who was going to win. I was just enjoying the moments and talking shit about them knowing all the while I could never do better. Thats the American dream baby! Here are some of the moments that made me laugh.

When Tiger is throwing shade at you like that it really isn't your day. But through all the trash talk and bad moments on the front 9 for Brady you'd think people would remember not to talk till it's over. Charles Barkley started laying into Tom pretty good and Brady started to chirp back and get competitive. do I even need to explain what happened next???

Brady hits an epic shot and went on to have a pretty decent day on the golf course. Tiger and Manning took the Win but really I'd say we all won. We watched a sporting event and had fun for hours. Tons of money was raised for charity. This was a great thing and if you didn't get to watch it live I hope you enjoyed these clips. I'm going to end this blog lastly by saying I had no idea what a riot Phil Mickelson was until today. I had seen a few clips here and there but man he had me laughing all day. I'm also very glad I didn't see this post before the match because I'd have put everything I had on Brady and the Lefty to win it all lol

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