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Derrick Lewis vs Jon Jones needs to happen!

I as most people went into last night thinking Curtis Blaydes is most likely going to win against Derrick Lewis. That's not because it's what I wanted. It's because Blaydes was taking out everyone not named Francs Ngannou. He was on a 4 fight win streak and he looked impressive in the standup and on the ground. No matter where the fight was going to go you would assume Blaydes had the advantage. In the first round Blaydes swarmed Lewis with combinations and leg kicks. It looked like Blaydes was on his way to a 5 fight win streak and a title shot. Then Derrick Lewis did what he does lol

Derrick Lewis uppercutted Blaydes into another dimension! Lewis always seems so casual just standing there getting hit then BAM! He hits the shot he needs and all of a sudden Derrick Lewis is on a 4 fight win streak. All of a sudden Derrick Lewis has the most knockouts in UFC history! All of a sudden things got interesting!

Before this fight happened. Dana White had mentioned that Jon Jones will face the winner of Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou, Dana also said Jon has made it clear that's the fight he wants. It would be his first fight after leaving the light heavyweight division to join the heavyweight ranks. Stipe and Francis are set to do battle at UFC 260 in March and Dana tells TMZ Sports he's hoping to book the winner to fight Jones by the end of the year... maybe even as soon as the summer. I'm here to persuade all of you and Dana to reconsider!

We can't deny Jon Jones talent. I hate the man with a passion and with all the allegations and proof of what he's done. I don't believe he deserves a heavyweight title shot but I understand the business. Jon Jones is a big name that sells fights. But Dana needs to realize so is Lewis. Derrick Lewis is the perfect person to introduce Jon Jones to the heavyweight division. Curtis Blaydes deserved a title shot but wasn't going to get one because the fans weren't behind him and it wouldn't sell. The people are behind Derrick Lewis! From his interviews, to his stare downs, to his performances in the octagon. Derrick Lewis deserves this money fight against Jones. The people deserve the build up of how big this fight would be and Jon Jones should have to have one heavyweight fight before he goes for a title. If you aren't a Derrick Lewis fan check some of these videos out!

Derrick Lewis is the peoples champion of the UFC. People want to see him no matter what he does. Jon Jones is a great villain and a great draw. The matchup makes itself. Don't waste an opportunity like this. No matter who wins between Miocic and Ngannou there will most likely be an injury and the UFC would need time for the next fight to happen. It took Ngannou over a year to get the shot he deserved. Don't let that happen again. You could make an Ultimate fighter series between Lewis and Jones that would be the highest rated you've ever seen. Give Lewis the platform to become more of a superstar. Make Jones earn the opportunity and get respect. MAKE THIS FIGHT HAPPEN!


I will be talking about this on the podcast Wednesday. Make sure you tune in and post about this fight until it happens!

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