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Cam Newton is a New England Patriot?!?!

This picture fills me with many emotions. I look at this picture and can't help but be excited. A few days ago I was thinking the New England Patriots were going into this NFL season with Jarrett Stidham as their QB1. Many were excited at the prospect of Stidham but I've seen enough football to know better. We wouldn't know what we had until it was too late to do something about it. I believe Bill Belichick thought at the end of the day Tom Brady was gonna cave and take the contract they gave him. Why wouldn't Bill think that?? Brady has done it every year since he was a Patriot. When Brady left I think Bill being the evil genius he is talked down all the QB free agents available. I think he was willing to take Dalton, Winston, Newton, any of which were a available at the end. He told all the reporters to pump Stidham's tires and hype him up as the QB1 of there future. By the way I don't think Bill was lying in doing this. Stidham is the future but Bill is playing chess while all the other coaches are playing checkers. Bill was always going to make a move. He just didn't want people to think he would. Then just as everyone has the Patriots finishing 2nd or 3rd in the AFC East and just when everyone thinks they know the answers Bill changes the questions. BOOM CAM NEWTON OUT OF NOWHERE!!

Now I said I had MANY emotions on this move. While I am excited there's also some fear here. Cam Newton has been injury prone the last few years. His attitude has messed up a lot of his progress. The Patriots are known to have a playbook that gives many players a hard time. Oh also he has to fill the massive shoes Tom Brady left. Even with all this being said. I believe Cam just walked into the perfect situation. The Patriots needed a guy that could help them win now while giving Stidham time to develop. Cam needed to go to a place where he could prove his worth and remind the world he can play at an elite level. Best case scenario Cam buys into Bill and Josh's system. He puts the team first just for this year because he needs to for his NFL future. Keep in mind everyone.. Cam has never had a coach with a system dedicated to making him look good. Cam has always run the ball when the play breaks down. Sling the ball all over the yard to keep his team in it. Cam when he is at his best is superman. His ego is his kryptonite. With Bill helping him keep that in check how do you stop superman without kryptonite?? You don't.

No matter what happens at the end of this situation Bill made the perfect move. Cam Newton signed a 1 year incentive based deal. That means if he plays amazing and helps the Patriots have a successful year he makes 7.5 Million at best. If he plays horribly and it doesn't work out he makes nothing and your in the same position with Stidham you were before. This deal was worth it because the world is talking about the Patriots again. a month ago all you hear is it's the Buffalo Bills division to lose now. Oh the Miami Dolphins are up and coming they can take out the Patriots. Know what those teams looked like when they saw the Cam Newton signing happen??

You went from everyone writing you off to this kind of hype. No matter how you look at it for the Patriots it's the same as it's always been. A win.

I said a few blogs ago that Cam Newton was the perfect fit for the Patriots. Cam Newton is motivated to prove himself right. Bill Belichick is motivated to prove Brady and the doubters wrong. BAH GAWD I CANT WAIT FOR FOOTBALL!!

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